InGreen Systems is a construction company that creates homes and commercial projects with the use of Structural Insulated Panels. We are looking for experienced, ambitious and enthusiastic sales personnel to promote SIPs. 

Over the past year, InGreen Systems has tackled a wide range of projects consisting of new developments with a very popular building solution. SIPs (Structured Insulated Panels) are pre-engineered and pre-cut panels that are used for walls, floors and roofs. We are looking to build a team to handle sales calls, meetings, promote projects and confirm developments using this dynamic solution. 

This position gives you access to sales training regarding the industry and allows an individual to be self-motivated. You would join our sales team and work independently as this position is based solely on commission. It is also up to you how much time one would be willing to spend.

We are looking for members from different locations; throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. There is no need to move around for this position; but rather communicate via phone calls and email. 

For this position, you should have: 

·      Construction or sales background

·      Willingness to learn and be involved

·      A passion for excellent results

·      Excellent work ethic

·      Motivated personality

Compensation is purely commission-based. With InGreen Systems, you will experience a creative, dynamic and devoted environment. 

Job Type: Part-time, Full-time; it is all up to you.


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